Integrative Women's Corporate Wellness That Is Truly Complementary and Functional

Led by Dr. Banerjee., The New Woman Wellness treats exclusively women populations in Richmond and all over the nation with the latest evidence-based innovations in the modern, alternative, and functional wellness and aesthetic care.


What Can our Women's Wellness Programs Do for Your Workforce?


If you are trying to make a strong case for why it’s important to support the health and well-being for your female workforce, consider that multiple independent research studies consistently show that corporate-sponsored health and wellness programs can benefit businesses. Not only can employer-based health and wellness programs deal with the surface issues of overstressed women employees, but this strategy can also reduce health insurance costs, provide added tax incentives for employers, and increase employee attendance, retention, and productivity.


All of this makes perfect sense. While it can be hard to justify the initial cost of starting an employer managed wellness program, there are many low-cost options that can be introduced over time. As an employer of choice, it’s important to recognize the value that female employees bring to the office every day. This means giving them a chance to lead healthier, more balanced lives by taking care of their health needs, with your support and guidance.



 Our physician-supervised clinic specializes in keeping women patient feel good, look good and do good. Looking forward, we guide women's in disease prevention with functional medicine focused on diet, exercise, mindfulness, and the natural environment. We provide access to all the tools needed for her to look good and feel good. Being an eco-minded business, we want to instill eco-friendly products to help women make an everyday purchasing choice in life.