Dr. Rumki Banerjee, MD , ABIM

Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine

Speaker Summary:

Every woman eventually faces menopause . So what can you expect and how should you handle menopause symptoms with and without medicines? Get answers about ' change in life' in relation to symptoms: mood, sex and more. How to address it? What is the myth about hormone therapy?


Dr.’B’ (Banerjee) is Board Certified in Family Medicine and also in Integrative Medicine. She did her residency training in Family Medicine from Texas Tech University. She is the Medical Director of Apex- MD (https://apex-md.com/). She has always harbored a passion for healthy and happy living, and instills the same core values in her patients.

Dr. ‘B’ has successfully developed a powerful system to manage chronic inflammatory disorders—which include Thyroid issues, diabetes, low metabolism, female hormone issues, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, arthritis, migraine, and chronic pain by blending evidence based Eastern Medicine. She has specifically worked in field of sex hormones, peri-menopause, menopause and bio-identical hormones for last 15 years. Her philosophy and approach to optimal living resonates in how she practices medicine…Integrative or Functional Medicine. She strongly believes integrative medicine recognizes that good medicine should be based on good science, be inquiry driven and be open to new paradigms focusing on promotion of health, prevention of illness and treatment of disease.

She and her husband Dr. Suman Banerjee, an expert Pathologist have created another new model for women’s healthcare in Richmond, VA that is based on teaching patients the principles of women’s health : personal transformation , self-healing program without neglecting environmental health. Their passion and concept that one size does not fit all in health care allowed for the development of this new venture: ‘The woman she wants to become’: The New Woman. We all know, women’s health is unique. Whether she encounters menstrual abnormality in the teenage years, infertility after marriage, chronic pain and other chronic health issues, or menopausal problems later in life, one has to respect the complex physical issues involved in her body. Emotional, social and economic well-being that she encounters has been ignored for decades. The New Woman LLC will encompass women of all ages to achieve 'WHOLE' well-being (mind-body- spirit-psycho social, economical and environment) and create a social responsible citizen as well.