The New Woman’s mission is to transform lives of women by empowering them to choose proactive wellness and sustainable development.



She decides her health and her environment.
































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The new woman is defined as “a common or ordinary woman who initiates a force of positive change within herself to transform to become ‘The New Woman’.”   

And this transformation is going among woman since 19th century (Victorian era) where common women  initiated a movement to step out of home,  not just fulfilling domestic roles,  and became independent, educated and employed. Later in 20th century, some of the common or ordinary women of 20th century demanded ‘right to vote’, and began to seek equality in all aspects of her life—from the social and cultural to the economic and political, and  became ‘The New Woman of the 20th century’.

In 21st century, for most women ‘wellness becomes last on their to-do list’.  The New Woman LLC wants to empower women to become ‘The New Woman’ of 21 st century.  The New Woman of 21 st century: An Woman who focuses  on her proactive wellness and participates in the sustainable development of her nation. So, the mission of the new business is: ‘She decides her health and her environment.’

Women’s health needs and disease are different unique, she undergoes menstrual issues to menopause, breast pain to vaginal dryness and many more. According to research, she suffers from more stress than men. Her stress causes more health issues: HTN, DM, OBESITY, heart disease, CANCER and more chronic disease are on  the rise among women.

SO, the time has now come for women of all nations in this 21st century to empower in her health and wellness in all aspect of life: from physical and mental to social-economic wellbeing.

Women should be empowered to become the ambassador of sustainable development of her nation. Most women are still the primary house keeper of her home. She takes care of her children, cooking, cleaning, and buying groceries. We woman of every house hold can get empowered to keep our planet clean with our purchasing ability. Woman can empower themselves to buy ecofriendly product and participate in sustainable development: reduce, reuse, recycle waste and help with sustainable development of nation.

’ The New Woman LLC will not just operate as a women’s health center for proactive wellness. It will venture out in the community and partner with other agencies for better access of her wellness, educational, economic, and job opportunities.

The benefits of empowering women are not limited to women alone. Men, children and the society at large; benefits from the empowerment of women.

 I end my sentence saying a famous African proverb: 'educate a woman , you educate a nation. '

so ' empower a  woman, empower a nation.'







The mission of THE NEW WOMAN LLC. is to bring cost effective , proactive women's wellness solution and environmental well-being under one roof and make our community a better place to live in.




Description of the business:


The New Woman LLC will start as a women wellness retail store to bring positive impact in the community. The partners , 'Banerjees', are both physicians and are teaming up to put several exclusive women wellness services in one roof .The New Woman will focus primarily on proactive health for woman in respect to her general health , reproductive /sexual health and aging health issues . From meal prep to wellness workshops and self-care circles, The New Woman will empower communities to live well in a sustainable fashion. The New Woman  will also inspire women of every household to ingest , apply or invest in chemical free, non toxic, environment-friendly products that will heal herself and mother earth as well. 




Mission Statement





The principal partners, Banerjees, are both established in their health/wellness fields as are the rest of the contracted professionals. We have comprehensive clientele that we are confident will be following us into our new venture. Most of our business thus far has grown by word-of-mouth. However, to inform our clients as to our new location and additional services, we plan to advertise in the local papers such as the Richmond Time Dispatch , the neighbors with a photo of us and a description of the services we offer. We also will have brochures describing ourservices and products. We have on line social media.



Our major competitors would be local health clubs, such as Curves. We believe we are set apart from the "health club" scene by several factors, such as: an inviting, relaxed, warm atmosphere–our location is a commercially zoned house as opposed to an industrial "building," our desire to educate and treat the consumer as a whole to provide lifelong healthy habits as opposed to "diet plans," makeup, and "spa" packages. We believe that our wellness studio does and will attract the large percentage of people who are intimidated by a big health club because of the smaller scale and more personal approach. We also believe that our (the principal partners as well as the contracted professionals) individual education and professional experience(s) help to set us apart from any of our competitors. We are all dedicated to our own education in an attempt to bring excellence and health to ourselves and our clientele.



I was certified as a group fitness instructor through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in February 1991. I taught group fitness classes, a.k.a. "aerobic" classes, in the Schaumburg area at several health clubs and facilities as well as for a few corporate and community education programs. When we moved to Elmhurst in early 1996, I obtained jobs teaching group fitness at a couple local fitness facilities, including Fitness Strategies. In all of these facilities, I taught classes such as High/Low and Step Aerobics, Kickboxing, Cycling, Pregnancy and Postpartum fitness, Circuit Training, children's and family fitness classes, Yoga, Pilates, and many more. In 1997, I was certified as a personal trainer through ACE and began taking on individual and groups as clients. Some clients that started with me then are still my clients today. In March of 1998, I was promoted to the Land Fitness Coordinator (in charge of all fitness instructors and programs not taking place in water).

The program grew to a point where the Fitness Coordinator position went from a part-time job to a fulltime Health and Wellness Specialist assignment in 2001. With a comprehensive group of personal training clients at the time and the mother of four children, I didn't feel the position suited me. The new Health and Wellness Specialist for the Summit contracted me to teach a course in Women's Weight Training, a two-night course discussing and demonstrating many weight-training techniques for women. The class was so successful, it has been repeated several times. It has attracted many women that are intimidated to go into a fitness center and who aren't knowledgeable about weight lifting and weight lifting machines.

In July of 2003, I was contracted by the American Heart Association to be a coach/trainer for the "Train to End Stroke" program. I am currently training the largest of the four central Rockford teams going to either Walt Disney World, Florida, or Phoenix, Arizona, for a half or full marathon in January 2004. I also have been re-contracted for the next marathon season. I train participants to either walk or run a half or full marathon and oversee their progress for five months. As a coach I have run clinics for the participants on proper form, shoe wear, clothing, nutrition, breathing techniques, hydration, and cross training.

In July 2003, I was certified as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant through ACE, which requires a previous certification of either group fitness instructor or personal trainer. With this certification, I am able to offer nutrition counseling for my clientele. Fitness Strategies has contracted me to teach a Lifestyle and Weight Management class where participants learn proper nutrition techniques, including recipes, as well as exercise instruction and guidance. As part of the recertification process, instructors (trainers and consultants) are required to attend 15 hours of continuing education classes every 2 years. Since my first certification in 1991, I have consistently attended 12-15 hours of continuing education classes/workshops every single year in an effort to strive for excellence in my chosen field of health and fitness. I am a current member of the non-profit health and fitness organization, PULSE, and have been since 1998. I receive several different publications that offer articles on scientific breakthroughs, programming, and implementation as well as consumer information on fitness equipment.

Since 1996, I have been accumulating fitness equipment for use with clients including a treadmill, stair machine, stationary bikes, weight benches, hex weights, exercise therapy balls, medicine balls, and a balance trainer, among other things. I plan to use this equipment as well as a couple additional things for clients at Health-E-essentials. I also have believed in our duty to use our talents to give back to the community. I was on the committee of the Winnebago County "Fulfill a Dream"—a workout to raise funds for AIDS and related cancers research for the years 1993, 1994, and1995. I helped facilitate FIT (Fitness in Time), a workout to benefit a local charitable endowment fund in Winnebago County that started after "Fulfill a Dream" was discontinued. I have been a "Friend of the Cure" fundraiser for several years raising money for the Barbara Karmanos Cancer Institute as well as taking clients to the Race for the Cure in Rockford. I have hosted "Cooking for the Cure," "Training for the Cure," and (aerobic) "Workout for the Cure" as health and fitness fundraisers. My job at the American Heart Association does not require me to fundraise. However, I fundraised for my team as they are required to raise $3,500 /person as part of their program participation. Since the health of the community is very important to me, I plan to continue health-related fundraising through Holistic Choices for worthy causes.



Hours of operation: Monday through Friday we will open at 5:30 A.M. for either personal training group sessions or Yoga/Pilates classes. There will be appointments all day for all departments and the last class/appointment will be at 7:30 P.M. We will have a daytime receptionist/office manager working Tuesday through Thursday 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. She will answer phones, greet clients, do inventory, order retail, and run the cash register. Joanne and Mary will alternate covering the receptionist position on Friday, Saturday, and Monday until we hire an additional part-time receptionist. All other personnel (massage therapist, nail tech, and esthetician) will be independent contractors and will be responsible for their own accounting and taxes. They will contribute an additional fee in addition to their monthly rent to gain services from the receptionist and process any credit card fees. All independent contractors have had previous experience managing their own business/clientele.



The personnel for Holistic Choices will consist of two working partners and three independent contractors. Additional staff will consist of a receptionist/office manager. One partner, Joanne Fuller, is an Esthetician and the other partner, Mary Smart, is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor. The independent contractors will be a massage therapist, nail technician, and an additional esthetician. Each will be responsible for their equipment and supplies. They each will have a suitable space available to them for which they will pay monthly rent and additional fees for use of the receptionist services and credit card processing fees. Joanne and Mary will be paid commission on their individual sales/appointments and the rest will go toward the operation of Holistic Choices and the profit to be split by the partners. The ability to work for yourself and build your own clientele is very motivational. Holistic Choices is very interested in building lasting relationships both with the professionals contracted to work there and the clientele it services. This format will allow that relationship to grow and flourish under the common goal of providing exceptional services for a healthy lifestyle. We are confident that the natural referral process will activate itself under this type of operation and permit all professionals to benefit from growth that comes from recommending clients to one another. All of the professionals working at Holistic Choices specialize in different yet related fields and are committed to the health and well-being of all clientele, whether theirs or their colleagues'.




Monthly Operating Costs: (Fixed costs)


Monthly Operating Costs: (Fixed costs)





Loan payment$1,200

Miscellaneous$500 (Internet, phones, etc.)



Monthly Sales Revenue: (Projected)


Monthly Sales Revenue: (Projected)

Rental (Nail tech, massage)$1,100

Retail sales (Skin-care products, etc.)$4,200

Skin-care services (Joanne)$6,000

(20 people/week x $75.00) 

Personal Training (Mary)$4,480

(112 people/week x $10.00) 



Average Gross Profit for each sale:


Average Gross Profit for each sale:



Skin Care$4,800(80%)

Personal Training$4,390(98%)



Start-up Costs/Needs:


Start-up Costs/Needs:

Retail product 


Miscellaneous products$6,000

Facial Equipment 



Light Therapy$7,000

Ultra Sound$3,500

Office Supplies 



Towels, sheets, gown$300



Refrigerator, kitchen supplies$500

Exercise Equipment 


Rubber flooring$500

Miscellaneous (tubing, balls, etc.)$200



Original setup$250

Grand Opening Party$1,000


Sign out front$750

Security Deposit$3,600

Security System$500




Current equipment list and replacement value:


Current equipment list and replacement value:

Trotter 510 treadmill$3495.00

Tectrix Climbmax Climber$1999.99

Keys Pro Spinner Bike (2 @ 799.99 ea.)$1599.98

Body Solid Linear Bearing Smith$999.99

Lat Pulldown option w/285 lb.$499.99

Olympic weight set$149.99

Body Solid Flat/Inc. bench$219.99

Dick's weight bench$100.00

BOSU-BOth Sides Up balance trainer$110.00

Exercise tubes, various tensions (8 @ $7.00 ea.)$56.00

Flexiballs (3 @ $30.00 ea.)$90.00

Body bars (3 @ $35.00 ea.)$105.00

Rubber flooring$1,000.00

Hex weights (634 lbs. @ .49/lb.)$310.66



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evolution of new woman 

The Evolution of The New Woman

Women have strived to move beyond traditional domestic roles and elevate their position in society for centuries. Rather than buying into society’s narrow view of their potential and position, women have chipped away at the status quo since the 19th century, making significant strides in their education, employment, economic independence but, most importantly, in their rights.


The 19th Century Woman

In the 1800s, wives and single women, alike, began venturing out unaccompanied by men, riding their bicycles or even setting up an easel outdoors. One of the first major steps toward radical change came with the opening of women’s colleges, such as Mount Holyoke, Vassar, Smith and Wellesley, allowing more and more women to benefit from a higher education. By the last part of the century, writers, such as Henry James and Henrik Ibsen, were depicting a “New Woman,” who was educated, independent and pushing the limits set by her male counterparts. During this period, Charles Dana Gibson also popularized the iconic Gibson Girl, who personified the current ideal of beauty, but who also was independent, confident, and personally fulfilled. 


The 20th Century Woman

Despite the rumblings of social change in the 19th century, it wasn’t until the 20th century that The New Woman began to seek equality in all aspects of her life—from the social and cultural to the economic and political. Known as “feminists,” these women campaigned vigorously not only for the right to vote, but also for freedoms in areas such as birth control, sexuality and employment. This century’s New Woman sought to change the social system entirely.


Today’s Woman

As a result of the resolve and tenacity of centuries of women, life is vastly different for us in the 21st century. However, along with all of our new rights and freedoms, we’ve retained many of the same domestic and caregiving roles of the women who came before us—from cooking and cleaning to keeping our children healthy and making purchasing decisions for our households. We also tend to be the strongest advocates of environmentalism and sustainability, working to protect the earth for our children and their children. But as we attempt to do it all and have it all, we often neglect ourselves in the process—and our health can pay the price.


Today women experience more stress than men, and this stress can manifest in physical ways, including hypertension, depression, anxiety , cancer, obesity and many more chronic health issues. While 20 percent of the factors contributing to a person’s health are related to clinical care, according to the Health Research and Educational Trust, about 40 percent of the factors are social and economic.


Looking beyond traditional health care, The New Woman will be a community store for women's wellness and Eco-friendly Living, helping women take care of their mind, body, spirit and environment. It will allow women to achieve greater socioeconomic benefits as well as Eco-friendly living. To achieve this, 'The New Women' is partnering with  employers, social workers, nutritionists , pharmacists, caregivers, and other community supports to deliver best care in women’s wellness in the community.


We believe in healing ourselves first, so that we can then take better care of our families, our communities, our environment and as a result, our futures. So, 21st century woman will transform to the New Woman who will embrace self health advocacy and sustainable living.