Motley-Fitch Cathy

Vocalist and Self-healer

Presentation Summary:

Cathy’s personal story speaks of turning heartbreak into healing.  One week after giving birth to boy/girl twins, Cathy found herself holding her daughter as she took her last breath and died unexpectedly. Lola’s death was the result of a series of miscommunications, misdiagnoses and one of the estimated 210,000 to 400,000 preventable deaths in the United States caused by medical mistakes each year. Cathy ultimately chose to transform her grief and share Lola’s story knowing it has the power to save lives. By educating healthcare providers on optimizing medical team behavior, including patients and families, medical errors can be prevented. Cathy’s strength and commitment will leave audiences inspired to embrace their own stories and motivated to speak out for their loved ones after realizing they, too, can evoke change.