'Senior Companionship' virtual or real is created during this Covid Pandemic so that elderly feel less alone. This will support seniors mental wellbeing.

The novel Coronavirus is spreading across the world and in just a short while the USA now has more cases than any other country. The virus has overturned the lives of billions due to lockdown and our heart goes to the elderly people in our community who feel helpless at this minute.

Nursing homes and assisted living are taking extreme measures to prevent  COVID 19  by not letting visitors and families visit senior homes. There are also several senior citizens who live independently in our community and they are feeling lonelier than ever which in turn can impact their physical and mental health.  

The elderly, in particular, are feeling the brunt of long term isolation as they are in home 24x7 and shut themselves from the outside world.

I invite High School students across Henrico county to join the campaign  ' to create companionship a senior citizen in our community'.

Please apply online to become volunteers who will then engage with their assigned seniors through regular drive by or video or phone calls.

These calls are meant to build companionship and keep adoptees mentally stimulated while they are unable to have their loved ones visit them or they are staying in the community independently but alone.  

                                                    GENERAL VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

  • Serve lunch

  • Teach a class

  • Host a social activity

  • Celebrate the holidays

  • Share travel experiences

  • Share your cultural traditions and celebrations

  • Donate your skills! We can always use talented photographers and videographers. You must have your own equipment and provide samples of your work in advance.

Please call office ( 804)273-0010 or email : contact@thenewwoman.org