We are working on COVID 19 related Care now! Our Community especially our seniors need help in this time of pandemic crisis. 

Tanisha Banerjee.

Founder of The New Woman LLC

The New Woman is defined as “A common or an ordinary woman who initiates a force of positive changes within herself to transform to become ‘The New Woman’.”   Tanisha Banerjee, Founder of the New Woman LLC

My Story:

I have learned the importance of generosity from my parents, that human beings and relationships with our surroundings including animals and the environment are more important than things, and these are the values I have kept in mind while opening my social venture. I am taught to respect everyone, to live life with honesty, courage, and integrity and always to give back. 

My website has lots of natural organic products and 50% of the sale is donated to a nonprofit agency for building a safe and healthy community. I have seen that most women are still the primary housekeeper of her home. She takes care of her children, cooking, cleaning, and buying groceries. So, the woman of every household can get empowered to keep our planet clean with her purchasing ability. Women can empower themselves to buy eco-friendly products and participate in the sustainable development of the nation.

’ The New Woman LLC will also venture out in the community and partner with other agencies for better access to her wellness, educational, economic, and job opportunities.

The benefits of empowering women are not limited to women alone. Men, children and the society at large; benefit from the empowerment of women.

 I end my sentence saying a famous African proverb: 'educate a woman, you educate a nation. '

Nothing would have been possible if my mom did not help me in this venture. We passionately work together in selecting products and also creating wellness events in the community. 



A  life lived for myself is not my kind of idea  of living, I like taking care of animals to planet as a whole. This venture is just a stepping stone for me. Tanisha Banerjee