7 New Year Resolutions For A Healthy 2019

Another year is about to end. Another year is about to start. In between, we all must have made dime a dozen promises to ourselves. Did we fulfill them? Did we try to activate them? Or did heaps of work and appointments prevented us from doing so? As we step in 2019, here are the Top 10 health resolutions that will make us healthier and therefore happier.

1. Eat Right

Resolve to fit in more pro-biotic foods like yogurt, apple cider vinegar in your appetite. This will help improve your mood, at the same time, cut cravings. For all non-veg lovers, make it a rule to eat red meat once a month, not once a week. Enjoy your cravings and guilt food occasionally, don’t make it a habitual practice.

2. Quit Smoking

Scared that you have failed many a time in ditching the smoke. Try talking to an ex-smoker and you will find that the multiple attempts you make in giving up the smoke lead you to win. It also saves you the cash and tax you pay! Think how saying no to smoking makes you regain your health and saves you and your children from the ill-effects of cancer, asthma, Blood Pressure and a whole lot of killer ailments.

3. Goodbye to Fad Diets

Calories can be such a disaster when we eat diets loaded with refined/processed sugar, peanut butter, or indulge in sugar-sweetened drinks (sodas/juices). This puts us at a major health risk – increases weight, increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Replace refined crabs and sugary foods with healthy fats.

4. Keep a Journal of your Favorite Things

While sipping your morning cup of cappuccino, write down what you are thankful for. This will add more joy to your life, help you sleep better, work to achieve and visit the doctor less. If you want a better option to keeping a journal, download gratitude-centric apps in your smartphone.

5. Walk to Lose Weight

Work out no doubt but walking 500 extra steps a day for five days will lead to significant changes, feels Shannon Fable, director of exercise programming at Anytime Fitness. The goal should be to achieve a healthier lifestyle, not just lose the weight.

6. Embrace cleaner products

Clean living leads to healthy living. Adopt a clean product every month – for instance, January could be an air purifier, February can be a lemon essential oil (which incidentally is a good degreaser for stainless steel), and so on. You will find your mind getting clear of all stale thoughts and looking to be more focused.

7. Save Money

Adopting healthy lifestyle changes - such as walking to work or exploring carpooling gets you more money in your pocket and less air pollution. When you exercise at home, you end up saving on hefty gym membership costs as well. For the fitness freaks, there are fitness apps and workout videos to get you sweating.

How did you find these tips? Which one(s) will you be adopting in Year 2019? Tell us in the comments below.