Save the Planet! Be EcoFriendly!

Our world is being filled with constant waste leading to ferocious environment damage. Recycling is a process that we should all follow. However, recent statistics have expressed concern for the future generations. On average, 59 billion pounds of paper, 63 billion pounds of plastic, and 6 billion pounds of aluminum are spent being dumped in landfills instead of being recycled for future use.

Action must be taken in order to make this planet better. The website “Forbes” actually compiled a list of companies that could better help this environment. “Go Lite” is a clothing company founded in Boulder, Colorado. A group of individuals created this company to make the clothing completely out of environmentally-friendly clothing. This company uses “Environmentally Preferred Materials” such as nylon and polyester to create 100% EPM clothings. So far, the company has successfully made the clothing at 67% EPM. Additionally, this company announced that the headquarters will only recycle.

“Seventh Generation” is another popular environmental-friendly company that makes detergent, trash bags, and diapers. There are so many efficient products this company makes including paper towels, baby wipes, and cleaning goods. A quarter of the energy used by the company is renewable.

All these companies and more help create these systems and methods to ensure a fortunate future for the generation. The question remains for future of the world. More and more businesses are growing. Businesses like these companies created many ways to help the environment such as providing more recycling opportunities to minimize the excess trash being kept in the landfills.

There are many ways to help the environment. Within the community, pick up the trash. Be sure to never forget to clean up and place the paper and plastic in the right bins. Many restaurants have included a “recycle” and “trash”. Dumping everything in the trash may seem easier; however, taking an extra minute to separate “trash” from “recyclable” could help reduce the 100 billion pounds of reusable waste being placed in landfills. Conserve the water. Limit the time to take the shower. Close lights when not in use. Driving can be hard to avoid; however, driving in groups could help reduce the amount of emissions that is released. Tesla is a car brand that introduced electric cars. These cars are vegan and environmentally friendly as the cars do not require gas. While the future may seem far, it is up to the present to create a better future.