Sleep and Ayurveda – Does it Work? Yes!

A hard-working day certainly needs quality sleep. Not always does it happen. Stress is a major hindrance. The result – insomnia and endless tossing and turning.

Such a condition is called Vata in Ayurveda. Vata stands for wind, movement, change, cold, dry, light, instability. The nervous system gets obstructed and the five vayus/prana stop flowing properly, thus causing sleeplessness. With stress and anxiety building up, all the prana moves upwards into the head, gets stuck and leaves you staring at the ceiling the whole of the night.

In order to reverse the Vata, one needs to experience the opposite qualities – stillness, grounded, stability, warm, heavy. This is where the traditional Ayurveda steps in as an assuring healer reversing the problem of sleeplessness and turning things around.

Ayurvedic Tips To Try

Get into the habit of following these Ayurvedic remedies – and your relationship with sleep will improve for the better:

  • Avoid sugar, caffeine and stimulants. These are sleep-suckers and not congenial for your nervous system. If you are still eager to go in for a cuppa, have it in the morning time and not after 3pm post noon.

  • A cup of milk before going to bed is Grandma’s recipe that will never fail. Boil a cup of organic milk (it can even be almond milk) with ¼ tsp of nutmeg.

  • Oil your feet. When you rub cold-pressed sesame oil onto the soles of your feet before you slip under the covers, you are making that pesky sleeplessness go away. Don’t forget to wear socks after you have oiled your feet, so that no staining of the sheets happens.

  • Sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil onto your pillow, even dab them onto your temples before you go off to sleep. Turn off the bright lights, at least one hour before going to bed. Stay away from the TV and your PC as well. Instead, light a candle, relax and tempt your nervous system into sleep.

  • Meditation is that bright sparkle that unclutters the mind and releases the unconscious garbage we carry around.

  • Chamomile tea in the evening is better than reaching out for a glass of wine or tea prepared conventionally.

  • Breathe by taking deep abdominal breaths. You can also go in for alternate nostril breathing too. Choose between the two and do it at night, as it’s a good way to induce sleep.

  • Exercise you must. For that you don’t have to do a half-marathon daily to get into an active mode. Work your bod in such a way that it gets your heart rate up. Go walk to the store, climb the stairs (no short cuts please) and a big yes to yoga!

  • Do or get done the Ayurvedic oil massage, Abhyanga daily. It will change your life and sleep. To get started, warm up some sesame oil in a baby bottle and massage it on your body. Reach out from your body’s extreme points to the heart. Let the oil get soaked into the skin for 10-20 minutes. Then go in for a warm shower or bath. Avoid doing this tip in your menstrual days.

Simple practices such as these will settle the disturbances in your work, relationships, and emotions. Make good sleep the foremost priority in your life. Everything else will happen on its own.


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