Women and Worry

Women more affected than men during COVID Pandemic

This pandemic appears to be hitting women harder than men. 50% of women compared to 34% of men respondents reported being concerned about their stress levels . A Medifast survey was conducted with 1,327 adults between April 23 and April 24, 2020. The survey report said 57% of women were concerned about either their weight, their tendency to overeat or their lack of exercise in the early days of the outbreak. 46% of women in the Medifast survey said that they have had difficulty sticking to health eating habits.

Women often identify as caretakers and seen juggling multiple roles. They provide service to their children, partners, friends and aging parents. As COVID-19 has spread, thereby changing work, school and childcare scenarios, they’ve also become teachers in between their own meetings and responsibilities.

I will suggest women to listen to their bodies and pay attention to their health needs. Always follow frequent hand-washing, social distancing, practicing respiratory etiquette and cleaning commonly used surfaces. . Also, consider waking up at the same time each day, exercising, showering, meditating, journaling and many more . Use phone, video chat, text or email to connect with your family and friend. I try picking up groceries for a senior neighbor and leaving them at their door.

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