Conference Topic 2020

Here are some of the great topics we’re planning.

1.Gender differences in coronary heart disease.

2. Be the Change: The Power of Integrative Health & Medicine to Heal People and Planet.

3. Adrenaline Fatigue

Describe the role of the gut microbiome as the principal mediator in the gut/brain relationship; through neurally and psycho-active metabolites, through promoting microbial development, and through modulating permeability in the blood-brain barrier.

4.Non-Pharmacological Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine.

A day of practical knowledge of non-pharmacological pain management: Regenerative ( Stem cell) medicine and K- laser therapy.

5. Natural Approaches to Mental Health: Nourish, Move, Awaken

Blending natural, integrative approaches and mind/body skills with Western medicine, we will describe the resilience model, natural therapies, a judicious role for medication and a systematic approach to using skills, more than pills, as the foundation of good mental health. We will discuss the core factors in resilience, their scientific basis, and how they can help one achieve greater vitality, equanimity, openness, and connection.

6. Sleep, mood, and menopause.

5.Energy Medicine

6. Neck Pain

7. Pelvic Physical Therapy