Communicating with seniors in our community.

 Be positive and calm. You may be feeling anxious, but it is important not to make them feel anxious. What they need most is for you to support them right now.


 Don’t share frightening statistics or predictions.

 Avoid arguing about the situation. Simply acknowledge the person’s concern and emotion sincerely.


 Keep your tone as light as possible.


 Remind them how resilient they are! What has your loved one gone through in their lifetime? Remind them that this situation will pass and that they are strong. Help them think about how they overcame other difficult life experiences. 


Share positive stories. Talk about inspiring and hopeful things in your life or the world. 


 Reassure your loved one and tell them what they mean to you. Offer specifics about how you feel.


 Distract from worry with an activity. Ask for help they can provide, such as making suggestions for a gift for someone or remembering a past family experience, or do something that would be pleasant.


 Try not to make promises you can’t keep, especially about when you will visit next or do zoom conference next.