The New Woman is defined as “A common or an ordinary woman who initiates a force of positive changes within herself to transform to become ‘The New Woman’.”   Tanisha Banerjee, Founder of the New Woman.

About 'The New Woman LLC '

The new woman is defined as “a common or ordinary woman who initiates a force of positive change within herself to transform to become ‘The New Woman’.”   

And this transformation is going among women since the 19th century (Victorian era) where common women initiated a movement to step out of home,  not just fulfilling domestic roles,  and became independent, educated and employed. Later in the 20th century, some of the common or ordinary women of 20th century demanded ‘right to vote’, and began to seek equality in all aspects of her life—from the social and cultural to the economic and political, and became ‘The New Woman of the 20th century’.

In the 21st century, for most women ‘wellness becomes last on their to-do list’.  The New Woman LLC wants to empower women to become ‘The New Woman’ of 21 st century.  The New Woman of 21 st century is defined as a woman who focuses on her proactive wellness and participates in the sustainable development of her nation. So, the mission of the new business is: ‘She decides her health and her environment.’

Women’s health needs and disease are different unique, she undergoes menstrual issues to menopause, breast pain to vaginal dryness and many more. According to research, she suffers from more stress than men. Her stress causes more health issues: HTN, DM, OBESITY, heart disease, CANCER, and more chronic diseases are on the rise among women.

SO, the time has now come for women of all nations in this 21st century to empower in her health and wellness in all aspects of life: from physical and mental to social-economic wellbeing.

Women should be empowered to become the ambassador of the sustainable development of her nation. Most women are still the primary housekeeper of her home. She takes care of her children, cooking, cleaning, and buying groceries. We woman of every household can get empowered to keep our planet clean with our purchasing ability. Women can empower themselves to buy eco-friendly products and participate in sustainable development: reduce, reuse, recycle waste and help with the sustainable development of the nation.

’ The New Woman LLC will not just operate as a women’s health center for proactive wellness. It will venture out in the community and partner with other agencies for better access to her wellness, educational, economic, and job opportunities.

The benefits of empowering women are not limited to women alone. Men, children and the society at large; benefit from the empowerment of women.

 I end my sentence saying a famous African proverb: 'educate a woman, you educate a nation. '

so ' empower a  woman, empower a nation.'